Friday, October 14, 2016

University of Alabama Locket, Like Origami Owl.

So, we all know about Origami Owl. I never bought into it, and I'm glad I didn't. Because, now I have a zillion different lockets like them, with a zillion different charms.

However---this one is my favorite. Even though there are a few issues, I still love this locket.

The first issue I have with this locket is that it barely opens. You'll see in my video. I lost one of my charms because I couldn't get it open wide enough.

Also, I'm not crazy about the way this hooks onto the chain, instead of sliding. I'd honestly rather it slide.

But, I love the charms. I LOVE Alabama football. I know I haven't gotten into that much on this blog, but I'm a huge fan. I was more of an in person fan before I had my son. Now, it takes EVERYTHING out of me to go. My husband doesn't get why I've ''changed'', but that's another blog for another day.

I wear this necklace, a lot, so I must really like it. I would absolutely still recommend it, I just hope/wish they make these changes to it.

I did receive this free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. My thoughts expressed are my own, and are 100% truth. I am a very honest reviewer.

<a  href="">University of Alabama Crimson Tide Charm Locket Necklace Stainless Steel</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

Have you heard about Bandanna Bibs??

If not, please keep reading.

These little pieces of cloth are SO Adorable. Not only do they look cute, they are BIBS! Bibs, y'all. They catch all that nasty food that falls out of our babies mouths. You know, they're sitting there eating, not closing mouths, ''talking'', slinging stuff around. And, you've got food everywhere.

Those flat bibs are all fine and good they serve a purpose. But these are picture worthy. Moms,  y'all know what I mean. You've got your phone out, you're taking all so adorable pics of your babies, and you've got this frog bib on your kid. Frogs?? Really? I mean, I love them. I used to collect them, but they are not adorable.

These bandanna bibs ARE. Don't even think about it. Just try them.

They are very durable. I've washed them, and they held up just fine.

Baby Bandana Bib for Teething, Drool, Reflux - Unisex for Boys & Girls Made with Super Absorbent Organic Cotton & Adjustable Snaps - 4 Pack by Billy Goat Baby Gear

I received these at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own. #exclusivereviewers

**Please know that I'm 100% truthful in my reviews. Always have been, always will be**

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paci Clips are a Mom's Best Friend

I don't know about you, but whoever thought to make those beautiful little strings with clips was a GENIUS. Because, instead of having fifty pacis everywhere, I only had two.

The Billy Goat Baby Bear clips are no exception. They are actually much better than most I've used. I'm including a video that will show how they clip, but there's an extra step that keeps them on much better.

The designs in these rock. I love houndstooth, and so for my son to be sporting a houndstooth paci is icing on my cake.

If you don't have paci "leashes" buy them. Now. You'll thank me later.

These are not only great designs but very well built. I will buy again.

Pacifier Clip Holder, Rust Free, Durable & Stylish - Uniex forBoys & Girls - 3 Pack Bundle Set - Teething Ring, Soothies, Binky, Blanket - Gifts, Baby Shower & Registry by Billy Goat Baby Gear

Saturday, October 8, 2016

You NEED this Sweeper. I have two.


Since my review in February (it's October) I have used the mess out of this thing. So much so that I thought I broke it. I contacted the seller, and they immediately sent a new one out, no questions asked. I realized when I was setting the new one up that there is a battery pack in these, and it had come loose from the other. So, now, I have two. And let me tell you, we use them MULTIPLE times weekly. Daily sometimes. My toddler loves them and uses them himself.

So, here is my original review.

I wasn't sure about this after reading some reviews, but I am very pleased. We have a dog that sheds like NO OTHER dog you could imagine. You rake your hand down her back and you get handfuls. So, you can imagine myb house is always covered up in dog hair. I have a robot vacuum I keep going, but I'm constantly having to dump it. It's not good for big jobs.

This is. I have a 2400 square foot house. I did over half of that footage in about 45 minutes and got ALL the dog hair. I even got in corners and up close to base boards with this!! I am thoroughly impressed. I don't like to clean dog hair. It's one of my most dreaded jobs. But, with this I can just zip through the house and be done.

I had a Swiffer Sweeper too, but it didn't EVER hold a charge. I couldn't make it last but maybe 15 minutes. The Monster was still going after 45.

I had to dump the collector several times, but that's to be expected. It's so easy to dump this too. One handed!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, especially if you have dogs and hardwood. I don't have carpet anymore, thank God, so I can't review it on that, but it works amazingly well on my hardwoods!!

I did receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.

Those Foot Mask Things? Yeah, they rock!!

***I am on my fifth pair of these. I actually went back twice and bought these full price after reviewing them***

I love foot masks. LOVE. THEM! Dr. Pedicure is no exception. Just make sure you follow the steps. I exfoliated my feet before I put them on this time, and that seemed to help. Also, wearing shoes/boots, etc, anything to make your feet ''hot'' will speed the process along. DO NOT PEEL your feet!! I promise, it is better if you don't. When they start peeling, it's going to be gross. You're going to hate it. Just keep smiling, Just keep smiling :) Seriously, keep with it. Don't peel!! If you can do them on a Friday, they *should* be starting to peel by the following Thursday/Friday if not before. I did mine on Thursday, and by Sunday mine were starting to peel. The only thing I had with these were really painful heat spots later. Like, I really thought I had a splinter in my foot at one point, it was so bad. Then, I had one other a few days later. So, be aware of this.

I would buy these again, though. I just wouldn't leave them on for 90 minutes, only 60. I think that had something to do with my heat spots later.

I received these at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.

Pyle Keyboard Stand Review

The Good: Solid piece of equipment with redundancy built in and a

locking mechanism that looks fairly stout. My husband played

professionally for a few years and says he would definitely take this on

the road for smaller keyboards or pieces of equipment. It's all that

most amateurs will need for home keyboards, sturdy and looks to be able

to take a pounding. Survives not only the playing of someone who can

really move on a keyboard, but also a 2-year-old who likes to just bang

out some notes.

The Bad: The assembly directions border on useless. There is one picture

that is helpful; the rest of the directions, especially the

step-by-step, might as well not even be there. The narrative portion of

the directions was obviously translated from a different language, and

someone needs to take a second pass at it. The stand itself has some

color coding for parts, but it's not mentioned in the directions and you

still have to sort of guess at what you're doing. This could have been

assembled in 10 minutes with clear directions (or better yet, shipped

pre-assembled, which would have required only a slightly larger box);

instead, it took more than an hour with two people working on it.

Overall: Buy it for its function and overlook the directions. It's a

sturdy piece that should last you for years.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Kaiya Angel Dresses Review

I was fortunate enough to receive two of her products to review, and I'm so glad I did!! I, of course, do NOT have a little girl, but, a friend of mine has the sweetest little 3 year old, and she was absolutely glad to model.

This review is for the romper. The Dress will follow.

This gorgeous lace romper is such a great summer outfit for any girl!! The aqua color is beautiful. The lace detail is simply exquisite.

I hand washed this the first time, but I feel pretty sure you could wash on delicate and not dry. I don't dry things like this.

The elastic in this romper seems tho be very strong. Not the cheap kind that will break and/or shrivel. The lace on this dress is very high quality as well.

The best part of this outfit? Super easy on and easy off. A toddler could dress herself with this, it's so easy. Just step in, and pull up.

There is a big satin bow on this romper, too. You have to keep it tied, but my trick with this is tie it like you want then either sew it tied or pin it tied with a safety pin.

I would absolutely buy this romper again. I actually told a friend of mine to go buy it for her baby girl ASAP.


In the pic that has the face covered, that's my best friends daughter. She will be 3 in a month, and is in 4T. I ordered the XXXL.

I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.


This may be the prettiest dress I've seen since I was a little girl. The lace on this dress is simply breathtaking. It truly looks like a boutique dress. The elastic is not cheap, I tested this dress HARD. I pulled it over my son (I purchased this as a gift for my best friends little girl) and I also pulled it over a small chair to test elasticity strength. There was no stretching or pulling.

The stitching on this dress is done amazingly well, too. I really don't think there will be any loose thread issues, except for general wear.

I can't tell you how it fits until I get to her and she tries it on. But I am including measurement pics for you to go by. Maybe that will help until I can add our fit review.

I would absolutely recommend this dress. I would have a hard time not buying this even if I didn't have a friend with a girl.

**EDITED TO ADD SIZE** In the picture with the head blocked out, she is almost 3 and in 4T. I ordered an XL in this dress.

I received this dress at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.

We Love Jerky!

And this jerky was no exception.

Good points: Nice texture. Easily chewable without being either too

tough, or too artificial in its texture. No surprise fat or unchewable

sinew present in the meat. Nice smoke on the meat. Product is chopped up

into small, kidney-shaped pieces that are easy to manage. Its best

feature was the lack of artificial sweetness present in too many beef

jerky products today.

Bad points: Ingredients listed include paprika, garlic, mushroom and

three kinds of pepper. None are particularly identifiable in the end

product. There is heat here, but trying to identify what pepper produced

it is difficult, if not impossible. The package says "Cajun Flavor,"

however, and traditional Cajun spices are absolutely not identifiable in

this sample. I mostly tasted plain salt.

Verdict: Better than most mass-produced, store-bought beef jerky, but

the overabundance of salt combined with the lack of other flavors makes

this product average.

I received this at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Roller Bottles for Oils!

I'm big into Young Living. Like, addicted, sold down the river, gone. So, I needed some roller bottles for my precious oils. I've tried three so far. This set is the ONLY set that doesn't leak. Plus, they are cute colors. You can't lose.

The tops are very easy to remove. And, the lids don't tighten and make them leak like I've had others do.

Overall, I love them and I'll be buying more.

I did receive these at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are my own.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Product Review!

So, I am not sure you've heard about these magical things you can use to "erase" the makeup from your brush. But, they are awesome!

I was provided one for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review, and I'm in love.

They are like rough sponges. You just scrub your brush back and forth and POOF! The makeup is gone! I'm includ pictures so that you can see what I mean.

This kit came with a sponge remover in a tin, and one that you can actually wear on your arm. So friggin cool.

I would love a comment if you've tried these before.

Monday, July 18, 2016

When a Funeral is Over....

Yesterday I was very blessed to get to say goodbye to one of the most extraordinary I know. My dad married into the Fischer family when I was very young. Back then, all I knew was this HUGE family was very loud and intimidating. But, I was welcomed in with huge open arms by my step mom's dad and mom. Mr Fischer never saw me as his daughters stepdaughter. I was always part of his family.

Years have passed and my dad and step mom divorced, but that family still stuck with us. Mr F friended me on Facebook, because he was NOT your typical 80yr old. He wanted to know technology and welcomed it.

As I walked through the line yesterday, I was emotionally taken back to my own Granny's visitation and funeral. I remember being part of that line, and that day. Yesterday, I went home to my husband and child and went on with my life. I didn't burrow under the covers and lock myself in the bathroom like I did when Granny died. I loved Mr F, don't get me wrong. But there's a difference in being at a funeral as immediate family, and being a visitor.

Visitors go home to normal. They don't go home and realize they have just buried a piece of their heart.

Visitors have probably rested the night before. They weren't kept awake by memories and tears.

Visitors have probably sat down to a meal the past few days. They aren't running around making plans and not stopping to eat.

Visitors can leave after visitation if they choose. Family often has to go to graveside.

Visitors go back to normal. Family has to find a whole new normal.

Most of the funerals I've been to, I've been family, so it was a different reality to go as a visitor. I couldn't help but feel a deep, sad empathy for the Fischers, and even now tears are coming. Because I *know* today wasn't normal for them. I know it was a day of beginning to heal. For me, it was a long, long process.

The Fischers aren't new to loss, though. They've been through this before. With Mrs. Fischer and Diana, a daughter to the Fischers, and a mom and grandmother to others. So, I know they know what to expect. But, I also know each loss is different.

I truly hope this family continues all those great family gatherings they had for so many years. And, I hope they know Mr. Fischer will be there. Always.

Fly high, Mr. Fischer. I'm glad you're at peace and with your true love again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let's Talk Fat....

This post has been on my mind a few days, but bear with me. 

Since this Pokemon Go game has come out, I've seen a few posts saying "It took THIS to get lazy, fat America up and moving."

First, if you're saying that, you're not only rude and hateful, but you've NEVER been overweight a day in your tiny life. Or, you'd know. You'd understand its something you do NOT mock and judge.

Being overweight isn't something anyone chooses. Just like drugs, it's a struggle EVERY DAY. And, some situations are harder than others. I can tell you that I, personally, think about my weight on a daily basis and I don't need someone who has never walked a day in my shoes to talk to me about it.

Being a friend is one thing. Being outright rude and disrespectful is another.

As far as the Pokemon game goes, I'm all for it. It gets people out moving, regardless of whether or not they were before, or will after. The argument that they are going to go right back to "being lazy" after this is over is stupid, and silly.

I hope those of you that judge overweight people realize that you, too are probably being judged and talked about. Because you're not perfect either. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Post Picture Reviews from your Phone

I have a lot of people ask ''How do you upload pics and videos to your reviews on Amazon from your phone?''

Well, this blog post will hopefully answer that.

First, make SURE you've uploaded your text first. This will not work any other way.

After you get the email that your text is live, click the link that's pictured in the picture below. 

After you've done that, click the three dots that come up in the right corner of your phone's mobile browser, as pictured below. 

On the next step, you'll be on the same screen, but your page will have reloaded. Click the ''Edit'' button under your review title, as seen in this picture below. 

And then, finally,  you'll be on the Add photos/videos page.

I hope this helped!! Please follow/share my blog if so. Thank you and Happy Reviewing!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Your Normal Has Never Been Mine---

When my son first came into my life, I knew, in my heart, that we probably weren't going to have normal. Someone will say, 'How could you know?'

Well, it's pretty simple. I've never had normal. And, as much as I *LONG* to give my child the most normal life possible, I just knew that we were probably going to have a huge uphill battle.

I don't think I realized, back then, just what kind of battle I really was going to have.

Now, let me say before I even get into this---I am so, so very grateful that my son can walk, can think for himself, can learn things, and by gosh, this kid is SMART. I'm grateful for all of that, because we all know it could be worse.

My journey with my son started about a year ago. We began testing for hearing, and at that time, I was very rudely told that my son needed to be talking, and something was wrong. Maybe it was what I needed to hear, because from there, we started with Early Intervention. They've been coming since November, and they have truly opened up the floodgates. If you have ANY concerns about your child, please, please get them into EI. There is no financial requirement. It's a free service through the state. You can make tons of money, or no money. Just please call. 

I took him for his two year checkup to his local doctor here. She walked into the room, and immediately said ''He's a normal two year old, you're just going through the terrible twos.'' Then, ten minutes later ''This child needs to be EXAMINED. You need to have him looked at ASAP. ''

If you think I didn't walk out of that office crying, you're crazy. And if you think I'm ever going back?? Not even for emergency care. I'll drive an hour, or go to the emergency room. 

At that point, I'd already had him set up to be examined at the Development Center in Mobile. That day, we scheduled at noon, thinking that by the time we got there, he would be ready to play. And, for the most part he was. Until she started sticking things in his face. Then, just like last time, he freaked out, started screaming, and started ''flatlining'' as I call it. He lays on the floor and just goes limp. While he's screaming his little head off. 

So, I'm sure that didn't go well. We were supposed to come back in a month for the Autism test, and we did. He basically acted like he does around new people--throwing things, not really interested in anything, except her bubbles when she started blowing them. I, once again, had to carry a screaming child out of that office. 

I'm telling you all this to tell you that I NEVER go to a doctors' appointment (even mine) with him without a freak out. I am not sure if it's what is going on with him (autism, etc) or if it's just that we have hours long appointments. Maybe, hopefully, all this changes later. 

My normal is this. Freak-outs at every doctor appointment, freak-outs in the grocery store, freak-outs almost anywhere. They're my normal, but they're not normal for this society. I cannot tell you how many times I get ''the look''--moms, y'all know what I'm talking about---''You can't contain your CHILD??' What is WRONG with you??'' 

Someone posted a post the other day that referred to first time moms suddenly becoming experts. Well, let me tell you, I AM an expert with my child. And, for the most part, I can control with him, but there are times, I just cannot. Nothing I do, you do, or God coming down from above, is going to change anything.

As I type this, I can hear banging sounds coming from his bedroom. He ''rocks'' on his couch. The couch I'm about to throw away. This is another form of stimulation for him, I'm not sure what or why, but you know what? It's ok. If that's what makes my child feel better about his environment, go for it, son. I hate I've got to pitch the couch, but springs are coming out of the back and he's destroyed my window casings and other furniture. 

My son is, and will always be different. I think I knew this way before I had kids, that my children would be different. Now, I don't want him to be a robot, or a cookie cutter, but my biggest fear for my child is that he isn't going to have a normal childhood/teenage years/adulthood. That he won't get to go on playdates, that he won't get to go on field trips, that he won't get to go to dances, proms, etc. That he won't get to date. That he won't get married or have kids. These are the fears I have at night, even in the daylight hours. But mostly, when he's sleeping and the house is quiet. 

I wrote all of this to tell you, as you're reading it, first and foremost if your child is 'behind', please get Early Intervention involved, at the very least. Please, please DO NOT WAIT.  My doctor didn't recommend this, I did it without her recommendation. 

I also wrote this to tell you that I sometimes long for your normal. For your child who goes to sleep in their own bed, who pottys on the potty. The child who colors normally, without throwing them, eating them, or rolling them. The child who plays quietly, or nicely. The one who likes other children. The kid who eats with a fork. Your child who gives hugs when asked. The child who, isn't constantly screaming for something 24/7 because they're non-verbal. The child who doesn't constantly throw things. 

Yes, I'm grateful for my beautiful, baby boy. But somedays---oh, there are days, that I just want normal. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gators in Disney

I've had this tiny, tiny little boy on my mind all week. Lane Graves, the little two year old who was killed by a gator in Disney.

Mostly, the reason that I've had him on my mind is because I keep reading all these blame posts on my feed. WHY are we doing this?? Why are we BLAMING parents?? Parents *just* like us, who are doing the absolute best they can at that very moment.

Let me ask you this---and do NOT say ''It wouldn't be me'' because, let me tell you Pot, it could be----What if that were YOUR child?? What if you were the one who had to go back to your hotel room at the happiest place on earth (which just became hell on earth for these parents) pack your TWO YEAR OLDS balls, Elmo dolls, tiny pajamas, favorite book and sippy cups, and board a plane to Nebraska, an empty seat beside you where your child is supposed to be. Then, you get to your car, drive home, open the door, and are overwhelmed with toys everywhere, reminders of this child, this tiny being, who was JUST with you two days ago. 

And then, oh, it gets so much better folks. Just hang in. You then turn your computer or phone on. You make that GRAVE mistake. You find that the whole Facebook Judge and Jury are blaming YOU---YOU, the parents for this horrible, tragic, AWFUL accident. You not only lost your tiny child, but you come home to an empty house and blame from around the country. 

Even though this is and was simply and accident. A family on the 'beach' at Disney for a movie night. A dad and son walking in the 'waves'. A gator, feeding, came up out of the water and grabbed the son. All in a split second. And, he's gone. GONE. Never, ever to be held, seen, or for you to give hugs again. 

From the second I saw this story, I posted and stated that it was a simple accident and that this family needed prayers. And then, my feed was swarmed with blame posts. My mouth literally fell open. I just cannot believe we've become this kind of society.

People, put yourselves in these parents shoes. DO NOT say ''It wouldn't have happened to me'' God only knows that, you DO NOT. I don't care how great of a parent you are, or how many kids you've got----accidents happen. No parent is perfect. Let's all step off our high horses and pray, pray, pray for this family.