Saturday, October 8, 2016

You NEED this Sweeper. I have two.


Since my review in February (it's October) I have used the mess out of this thing. So much so that I thought I broke it. I contacted the seller, and they immediately sent a new one out, no questions asked. I realized when I was setting the new one up that there is a battery pack in these, and it had come loose from the other. So, now, I have two. And let me tell you, we use them MULTIPLE times weekly. Daily sometimes. My toddler loves them and uses them himself.

So, here is my original review.

I wasn't sure about this after reading some reviews, but I am very pleased. We have a dog that sheds like NO OTHER dog you could imagine. You rake your hand down her back and you get handfuls. So, you can imagine myb house is always covered up in dog hair. I have a robot vacuum I keep going, but I'm constantly having to dump it. It's not good for big jobs.

This is. I have a 2400 square foot house. I did over half of that footage in about 45 minutes and got ALL the dog hair. I even got in corners and up close to base boards with this!! I am thoroughly impressed. I don't like to clean dog hair. It's one of my most dreaded jobs. But, with this I can just zip through the house and be done.

I had a Swiffer Sweeper too, but it didn't EVER hold a charge. I couldn't make it last but maybe 15 minutes. The Monster was still going after 45.

I had to dump the collector several times, but that's to be expected. It's so easy to dump this too. One handed!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, especially if you have dogs and hardwood. I don't have carpet anymore, thank God, so I can't review it on that, but it works amazingly well on my hardwoods!!

I did receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own.

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