Friday, April 2, 2021

Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness Day. 

Today is a day most never want to celebrate as a mom, but I'm SO grateful for this amazing child of mine. 

He brightens my day simply by walking into a room. 

We were diagnosed with nudging from my Mom, when he was 18 months old. And, that's super early for most, but not earleyo enough for some. We immediately began Early Intervention s in uervices, including Speech and Play Therapy. We later started Headstart, and that was so beneficial to him. He got to be around other kids, and not just for kids on the Spectrum, but ALL kids need to be around other kids before they go into kindergarten. 

I realized by preK that something else was needed, that he needed to see a psych and probably get some meds. He had thrown a chair in class, and I knew that we had to get more help. 

From there, we went to AltaPointe Children's Services for a Psychiatrist appointment. We have been seeing them for two years. He was diagnosed ADHD at this point. 

I truly wish that I had other moms to reach out to back then. Mom's that had already BEEN through the cycle. Mom's that could guide me. Having been through all the major steps, I am happy to help when a stranger reaches out to me. Because, for whatever reason it seems close friends don't, even though they know I've been there and back. 

I wouldn't take anything for this child. He is super smart, loves other kids, loves going places, loves computers and games. Loves outside, loves his family, and overall is just a happy, amazing child. 

We were definitely blessed. But, today is about Autism Awareness, and I wanted to share our story so that anyone out there who might have questions child reach out. 

No two children are the same. I was in denial for months about mine. He made eye contact, he loved other kids. But, he was behind on speech and several developmental milestones. 

Please make sure you push to get your children help if you think they need it 💙

#AutismAwareness #AutismMama