Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let's Talk Fat....

This post has been on my mind a few days, but bear with me. 

Since this Pokemon Go game has come out, I've seen a few posts saying "It took THIS to get lazy, fat America up and moving."

First, if you're saying that, you're not only rude and hateful, but you've NEVER been overweight a day in your tiny life. Or, you'd know. You'd understand its something you do NOT mock and judge.

Being overweight isn't something anyone chooses. Just like drugs, it's a struggle EVERY DAY. And, some situations are harder than others. I can tell you that I, personally, think about my weight on a daily basis and I don't need someone who has never walked a day in my shoes to talk to me about it.

Being a friend is one thing. Being outright rude and disrespectful is another.

As far as the Pokemon game goes, I'm all for it. It gets people out moving, regardless of whether or not they were before, or will after. The argument that they are going to go right back to "being lazy" after this is over is stupid, and silly.

I hope those of you that judge overweight people realize that you, too are probably being judged and talked about. Because you're not perfect either. 


  1. Is it part of the social media generation? All this judging of others seems to stem from the idea that everybody thinks that they are the center of the universe and whatever they think is the only thing that matters. People need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves, unless somebody asks.