Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Post Picture Reviews from your Phone

I have a lot of people ask ''How do you upload pics and videos to your reviews on Amazon from your phone?''

Well, this blog post will hopefully answer that.

First, make SURE you've uploaded your text first. This will not work any other way.

After you get the email that your text is live, click the link that's pictured in the picture below. 

After you've done that, click the three dots that come up in the right corner of your phone's mobile browser, as pictured below. 

On the next step, you'll be on the same screen, but your page will have reloaded. Click the ''Edit'' button under your review title, as seen in this picture below. 

And then, finally,  you'll be on the Add photos/videos page.

I hope this helped!! Please follow/share my blog if so. Thank you and Happy Reviewing!


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