Friday, June 17, 2016

Gators in Disney

I've had this tiny, tiny little boy on my mind all week. Lane Graves, the little two year old who was killed by a gator in Disney.

Mostly, the reason that I've had him on my mind is because I keep reading all these blame posts on my feed. WHY are we doing this?? Why are we BLAMING parents?? Parents *just* like us, who are doing the absolute best they can at that very moment.

Let me ask you this---and do NOT say ''It wouldn't be me'' because, let me tell you Pot, it could be----What if that were YOUR child?? What if you were the one who had to go back to your hotel room at the happiest place on earth (which just became hell on earth for these parents) pack your TWO YEAR OLDS balls, Elmo dolls, tiny pajamas, favorite book and sippy cups, and board a plane to Nebraska, an empty seat beside you where your child is supposed to be. Then, you get to your car, drive home, open the door, and are overwhelmed with toys everywhere, reminders of this child, this tiny being, who was JUST with you two days ago. 

And then, oh, it gets so much better folks. Just hang in. You then turn your computer or phone on. You make that GRAVE mistake. You find that the whole Facebook Judge and Jury are blaming YOU---YOU, the parents for this horrible, tragic, AWFUL accident. You not only lost your tiny child, but you come home to an empty house and blame from around the country. 

Even though this is and was simply and accident. A family on the 'beach' at Disney for a movie night. A dad and son walking in the 'waves'. A gator, feeding, came up out of the water and grabbed the son. All in a split second. And, he's gone. GONE. Never, ever to be held, seen, or for you to give hugs again. 

From the second I saw this story, I posted and stated that it was a simple accident and that this family needed prayers. And then, my feed was swarmed with blame posts. My mouth literally fell open. I just cannot believe we've become this kind of society.

People, put yourselves in these parents shoes. DO NOT say ''It wouldn't have happened to me'' God only knows that, you DO NOT. I don't care how great of a parent you are, or how many kids you've got----accidents happen. No parent is perfect. Let's all step off our high horses and pray, pray, pray for this family.