Friday, October 14, 2016

Have you heard about Bandanna Bibs??

If not, please keep reading.

These little pieces of cloth are SO Adorable. Not only do they look cute, they are BIBS! Bibs, y'all. They catch all that nasty food that falls out of our babies mouths. You know, they're sitting there eating, not closing mouths, ''talking'', slinging stuff around. And, you've got food everywhere.

Those flat bibs are all fine and good they serve a purpose. But these are picture worthy. Moms,  y'all know what I mean. You've got your phone out, you're taking all so adorable pics of your babies, and you've got this frog bib on your kid. Frogs?? Really? I mean, I love them. I used to collect them, but they are not adorable.

These bandanna bibs ARE. Don't even think about it. Just try them.

They are very durable. I've washed them, and they held up just fine.

Baby Bandana Bib for Teething, Drool, Reflux - Unisex for Boys & Girls Made with Super Absorbent Organic Cotton & Adjustable Snaps - 4 Pack by Billy Goat Baby Gear

I received these at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thoughts are my own. #exclusivereviewers

**Please know that I'm 100% truthful in my reviews. Always have been, always will be**

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