Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pyle Keyboard Stand Review

The Good: Solid piece of equipment with redundancy built in and a

locking mechanism that looks fairly stout. My husband played

professionally for a few years and says he would definitely take this on

the road for smaller keyboards or pieces of equipment. It's all that

most amateurs will need for home keyboards, sturdy and looks to be able

to take a pounding. Survives not only the playing of someone who can

really move on a keyboard, but also a 2-year-old who likes to just bang

out some notes.

The Bad: The assembly directions border on useless. There is one picture

that is helpful; the rest of the directions, especially the

step-by-step, might as well not even be there. The narrative portion of

the directions was obviously translated from a different language, and

someone needs to take a second pass at it. The stand itself has some

color coding for parts, but it's not mentioned in the directions and you

still have to sort of guess at what you're doing. This could have been

assembled in 10 minutes with clear directions (or better yet, shipped

pre-assembled, which would have required only a slightly larger box);

instead, it took more than an hour with two people working on it.

Overall: Buy it for its function and overlook the directions. It's a

sturdy piece that should last you for years.

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