Sunday, January 29, 2017

Curse you, Publix!

One night this week we had gone through our regular bedtime routine, (Boo-k and singing  'Creighton loves mommy, mommy loves Creighton,  Creighton 's gonna TAKE A NAP')

Creighton was asleep and  I was lying in the bed TRYING to sleep,  but I kept hearing this, well---*crawling* sound is the best way I can say it.

Me: "Don't freak out. It's just the fan blowing on something."

Other Me: "Oh my GOD it's a snake! It's a SNAKE!"

Me: "Calm DOWN!  It's not a snake. Just air blowing something around."

Other Me: "I don't know who you're trying to fool. There is a SNAKE about to crawl in your bed, and it's going to eat you slowly while you are posting about it on Facebook!"

Me: ...........

Other Me: "See. Told you.  Snake. Big giant Bertha about to come - -"

Me: "Jess! JESS!!  J.E.S.S"

Husband comes faithfully running back to the bedroom.  Asks what's wrong.

"There's something crawling on the floor by the bed. It might be a snake."

 Other Me: "It IS a snake."

 Jess turns on the light.  Looks around.

"You mean this?"

It's one of those free balloons attached to a card Publix gives away. Only this one is half deflated.

Other Me: "I TOLD you it wasn't a snake. Now he thinks we are crazy. "

Me: 😑😑😑😣😣😣

 Darn , you Publix. Darn you for giving my kid a balloon every time he goes.  Now he expects it. And they apparently make their way into MY bedroom where I convince myself there's a big Mama Cass snake about to crawl in my bed and devour me alive.

We'll be back in a few weeks for more balloon snakes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ #Publix #balloons #momhumor  #talkingtomyself

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